Monday, March 19, 2012

Driving in Kuwait...Eek!!

 Driving in Kuwait has been pretty crazy to say the least but I HAD to do it eventually. So I've been driving for about 4 weeks now. People in Kuwait are usually surprised when they find out that I am already driving. "You are brave" so I've been told. But it's really not that bad. Follow some rules, be AGGRESSIVE & your OK :) So I was given strict rules to follow when I drive & I do follow for the most part because just have to.

So the left lane is reserved for those who think they are Formula One racers on the streets of Kuwait. YES, they are going like 200 MPH. I've seen them speeding. switching in & out of lanes & motorcycles with people doing tricks on them! They are crazy. Every time I try to capture on video I cant because they are just too fast. But really, these people are on motorcycles doing handstands & sitting on the front of the handle bars!! One day I will capture on tape I promise.
So if you are in the left lane & not going fast enough for the person behind you, they WILL let you know.
Most of the time they ride you like no other & on top of that they flash their headlights pretty much telling you to GET THE F#*% out of the lane because 120 MPH is not fast enough...sheesh! So I only go in this lane if I want to pass someone in the middle lane.

There are cameras all over that will snap pictures if your speeding etc but I don't think anyone cares.  I think they just pay the fine & continue to speed. Cops are kinda weird. Like no one pays attention to them. I've seen them with their sirens & people just kind of ignore them & keep driving lol

You really need to keep your eyes peeled & pay attentions to your surroundings at all times! People stop suddenly, cut you off, curse you out, come out from no where & the look at you like you did something wrong LOL There is a VERY high accident rate in Kuwait. You just have to be careful & be lucky that some retard doesn't hit you :)

Going into Kuwait City


The Hamra Tower

There are these sayings all over

Getting around Kuwait is VERY easy. There is no GPS directions per se but you just look at the MAPS on your phone & kind of just follow where you needs to go. It will map it out for you but its not always correct so you kind of just use your judgment & map out where you needs to go. Kuwait is very small. It will probably take you 40 minutes MAX to get from the furthest neighborhood in Kuwait to Kuwait City. That's it! The roads are divided into "Rings" that run east & west and there "highways" that run North & South.
The rings start from Kuwait city & venture out. Starting with the 1st ring.
I live off the 6th ring & the 30. VERY easy to get around as the 6th ring turns into the Gulf road that runs on the coast line of Kuwait.
I'm exploring & discovering more & more. My next mission is to hit up all the Souks!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What a beautiful walk

I can't get enough of this place!!
Clear, crisp, sunny day :)

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Location:Al Blajat St,,Kuwait