Monday, March 19, 2012

Driving in Kuwait...Eek!!

 Driving in Kuwait has been pretty crazy to say the least but I HAD to do it eventually. So I've been driving for about 4 weeks now. People in Kuwait are usually surprised when they find out that I am already driving. "You are brave" so I've been told. But it's really not that bad. Follow some rules, be AGGRESSIVE & your OK :) So I was given strict rules to follow when I drive & I do follow for the most part because just have to.

So the left lane is reserved for those who think they are Formula One racers on the streets of Kuwait. YES, they are going like 200 MPH. I've seen them speeding. switching in & out of lanes & motorcycles with people doing tricks on them! They are crazy. Every time I try to capture on video I cant because they are just too fast. But really, these people are on motorcycles doing handstands & sitting on the front of the handle bars!! One day I will capture on tape I promise.
So if you are in the left lane & not going fast enough for the person behind you, they WILL let you know.
Most of the time they ride you like no other & on top of that they flash their headlights pretty much telling you to GET THE F#*% out of the lane because 120 MPH is not fast enough...sheesh! So I only go in this lane if I want to pass someone in the middle lane.

There are cameras all over that will snap pictures if your speeding etc but I don't think anyone cares.  I think they just pay the fine & continue to speed. Cops are kinda weird. Like no one pays attention to them. I've seen them with their sirens & people just kind of ignore them & keep driving lol

You really need to keep your eyes peeled & pay attentions to your surroundings at all times! People stop suddenly, cut you off, curse you out, come out from no where & the look at you like you did something wrong LOL There is a VERY high accident rate in Kuwait. You just have to be careful & be lucky that some retard doesn't hit you :)

Going into Kuwait City


The Hamra Tower

There are these sayings all over

Getting around Kuwait is VERY easy. There is no GPS directions per se but you just look at the MAPS on your phone & kind of just follow where you needs to go. It will map it out for you but its not always correct so you kind of just use your judgment & map out where you needs to go. Kuwait is very small. It will probably take you 40 minutes MAX to get from the furthest neighborhood in Kuwait to Kuwait City. That's it! The roads are divided into "Rings" that run east & west and there "highways" that run North & South.
The rings start from Kuwait city & venture out. Starting with the 1st ring.
I live off the 6th ring & the 30. VERY easy to get around as the 6th ring turns into the Gulf road that runs on the coast line of Kuwait.
I'm exploring & discovering more & more. My next mission is to hit up all the Souks!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What a beautiful walk

I can't get enough of this place!!
Clear, crisp, sunny day :)

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Location:Al Blajat St,,Kuwait

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sorry it's been a while

SOOOOO sorry it's been a while! Gosh it's been so busy! Between unpacking (yes still) going out shopping to get things for the house, myself & the baby, taking care of the baby (so time consuming) meeting people and exploring it's been a jam packed time. But an awesome time! I'm slowly discovering more about Kuwait & it's a pretty cool place. It has a lot of what the Western world has to offer as well as all the Arab world which is cool. How cool is it that i can go into a supermarket & have everything that is available in America as well as everything I need for an Arabic household? Usually I would have to go to 2 separate locations but nope all in one! I love that.
Living in Kuwait offers a VERYYYYY easy lifestyle. It has such a large labor workforce (mostly Indian & Phillipinos) that everything can & is done for you. Need dry cleaning? Just call & they will pick up from your home, dry clean it & bring it to your doorsetps the next day! Any  (okay MOST) restaurant offers home delivery. Yup they will deliver it for you. All for a very minimal $.50 equivilant. yes fifty cents lol
Housemaids & Nanny's are a plenty. And they are cheap. I have someone coming weekly to clean now. But am looking for full time. Just gotta find the right one. So far what I've discovered..Labor is cheap, restaraunt food is a bit more expensive but the increase is justified since you don't pay taxes and you BARELY tip, i mean like 200 fils which is like $.50.  SO I guess you could say it's almost equal as the states (once you add taxes & tip) Maybe a 10% markup. Grocery food is a bit higher as well. Depends on where you go. I like the Sultan center which is an upscale grocery store, kind of like a Bush's or Vons. They have all the American brands & if they don't have it you can order it & they will get it for you! How cool is that. Clothing & house stuff is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more expensive. I miss HomeGoods LOL I'm shocked at the mark up. I'm disappointed in the baby stuff selection. They have some American brands but overall disappointed :( I wish I would of brought more with me. I'll just have to deal & BEG whoever is making a trip to the states to bring me stuff back.
I finally got ViVi a crib!! I ended up paying more & getting one from Pottery Barn Kids...yes they have one here. The cribs in Kuwait are weird. They are all like mini cribs and i felt she would jump out of it in a few months lol So I ended up getting an American brand crib..but I LOVE it! and yes they deliver it & set it up for you in the room for free! So again i guess the service part makes up for the increase in prices.
This past week I have been consumed with getting stuff for the house & Victoria. Ikea is my new best friend. So weird in the states I would of been like eowwww IKEA? but LOVE it here lol
I've started driving! & OMG!! That will be a blog on it's own!

We've gone out to eat..A LOT but I've also cooked a lot. I now have a gas stove again vs an electric..LOVE it. I've shopped a lot, met a lot of people. The malls are crazy! Can't get over them. That will be an entire blog on its own. Also they have like these HUGE super centers in the malls. Compare them to a super Walmart or Target. LOVE them. Also at al lthe super centers & grocery stores a clerk walks your shopping out to your car & loads them for you :) EASY!
Things I miss from the U.S. not in Kuwait..Coupons! No coupons lol No discount retailers like HomeGoods or TJ Max. GARBAGE disposals!! LOL OMG I miss my garbage disposal. Those are the few things I can think of now.
Ill write more tomorrow but here is a few pics for now :)

Arabic grains, Freeke, Burgol, Lentils
Sushi? Yes please! At Sultan Center..ON a belt :)
Spices from all around the world

Nuts, Nuts & more Nuts!

Vivi @ the Avenues!
Awesome Cafe. Dean & Deluca's!
Amazing Meat Pie
Eggs Benedict. No ham LOL

Omlett, Salad & Mushroom Melody

Lamb Freeka!

Desert! Pinkberry is EVERYWHERE in Kuwait

Nice Brunch. Paul, Me, ViVi, Kaitlyn & Rami

Dean & Deluca..So Fancy

Flat Escalator to take your shopping carts & strollers on

Geant! & some Khaleegis

Duncan Donuts!

Outfits to celebrate Kuwait National & Liberation Days

Mojitos! Got so excited then realized they were virgin :(

Manjisteen fruit..Thailand..avail in Kuwait

So small & SO delicious!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Stroll through the neighborhood

As I'm looking outside at how sunny, clear & crisp today is I decide that it would be a good day to take a walk through the neighborhood. I've been working so hard trying to organize, STILL unpack & take care of the baby. I need a BREAK damn it! I've been wanting to explore the neighborhood but have been a bit apprehensive as I see NO ONE in the streets lol I guess people will just think I'm the MAID taking the kid out for a stroll LOL oh well...
There aren't many sidewalks around here & the stroller is in the car so I decide on the Baby Ergo. I know most people have a baby Bjorn but if you've never heard of the ERGO...let me tell you...GET IT! So comfortable & doesn't hurt your back as it's designed to carry all the weight on your hips & I gots HIPS for DAYS!! This 45 minute walk was a breeze & Victoria LOVED it!

Don't mind the mess in the background..Still unpacking & Organizing!
In the Elevator going down...Vivi is obsessed with mirrors these days. Love the ERGO

The houses directly across from me. Do you understand how much I'm DYING to see whats inside? LOL I bet they are beautiful! One thing I've noticed is the majority of house windows in Kuwait have like reflective glass or sticker or I don't know what it actually is but it's so you can't see inside! All you will see is your reflection when looking at the windows. SMART! I'm sure they have curtains and all but they want their sunlight too!
I have the urge to knock on the door of the house on the left with a basket of Muffins & introduce myself. LMAO imagine! Dude I just might..Gotta work up the courage. I'll start with a hello steps :) These are the only neighbors i really see as I watch them from the balcony. They love American Cars, have like 7 cars & 2 maids oh & a few toddler children. Pretty sure it's just one BIG house.

More pretty Houses & Fancy Cars in the neighborhood

ViVi LOVING the Walk!

How sick is that house to the left with the HUGE Kuwaiti Flag? I call it the White house. 

So Kuwait National Day & Liberation Day is coming at the end of February. So I am seeing A LOT of flags & decorations going up on houses & buildings. From what I've heard its a HUGE celebration in the streets & also Paul gets a 4 day weekend! Yaye! 

Typical layout...Houses & parking garages in front of them.

Drinking fountains? I've seen these often around Kuwait.

The local Mosque. Yes I hear it but just get used to it.

Such Detail!

And this is my building! We have the middle Floor with the Balcony :) Love sitting out on it especially at night with the lights & breezy air. So relaxing...

And Vivi fell asleep <3 Habibti..I gotta do this more often!
Now mama can write her blog.

All in all it was a nice walk. Got to see the neighborhood. No one bothered me but I did get a few looks like who the hell is that & WHAT is SHE doing! 
Umm HELLO!!! It's the Real Housewife of Kuwait!

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