Monday, February 13, 2012

Stroll through the neighborhood

As I'm looking outside at how sunny, clear & crisp today is I decide that it would be a good day to take a walk through the neighborhood. I've been working so hard trying to organize, STILL unpack & take care of the baby. I need a BREAK damn it! I've been wanting to explore the neighborhood but have been a bit apprehensive as I see NO ONE in the streets lol I guess people will just think I'm the MAID taking the kid out for a stroll LOL oh well...
There aren't many sidewalks around here & the stroller is in the car so I decide on the Baby Ergo. I know most people have a baby Bjorn but if you've never heard of the ERGO...let me tell you...GET IT! So comfortable & doesn't hurt your back as it's designed to carry all the weight on your hips & I gots HIPS for DAYS!! This 45 minute walk was a breeze & Victoria LOVED it!

Don't mind the mess in the background..Still unpacking & Organizing!
In the Elevator going down...Vivi is obsessed with mirrors these days. Love the ERGO

The houses directly across from me. Do you understand how much I'm DYING to see whats inside? LOL I bet they are beautiful! One thing I've noticed is the majority of house windows in Kuwait have like reflective glass or sticker or I don't know what it actually is but it's so you can't see inside! All you will see is your reflection when looking at the windows. SMART! I'm sure they have curtains and all but they want their sunlight too!
I have the urge to knock on the door of the house on the left with a basket of Muffins & introduce myself. LMAO imagine! Dude I just might..Gotta work up the courage. I'll start with a hello steps :) These are the only neighbors i really see as I watch them from the balcony. They love American Cars, have like 7 cars & 2 maids oh & a few toddler children. Pretty sure it's just one BIG house.

More pretty Houses & Fancy Cars in the neighborhood

ViVi LOVING the Walk!

How sick is that house to the left with the HUGE Kuwaiti Flag? I call it the White house. 

So Kuwait National Day & Liberation Day is coming at the end of February. So I am seeing A LOT of flags & decorations going up on houses & buildings. From what I've heard its a HUGE celebration in the streets & also Paul gets a 4 day weekend! Yaye! 

Typical layout...Houses & parking garages in front of them.

Drinking fountains? I've seen these often around Kuwait.

The local Mosque. Yes I hear it but just get used to it.

Such Detail!

And this is my building! We have the middle Floor with the Balcony :) Love sitting out on it especially at night with the lights & breezy air. So relaxing...

And Vivi fell asleep <3 Habibti..I gotta do this more often!
Now mama can write her blog.

All in all it was a nice walk. Got to see the neighborhood. No one bothered me but I did get a few looks like who the hell is that & WHAT is SHE doing! 
Umm HELLO!!! It's the Real Housewife of Kuwait!

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  1. This one is my favorite shoo far. You are so cute with guys blog. And vivi is so adorable !!!

  2. This is so cute!! I'm all into it as if I were reading a really good book! And I agree, Vivi is so cute !! <3

  3. You're adorable! I wish i didn't work until sundown :(

  4. Aww thanks! It ok we have weekends! & possibly after your longggg days! :)

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