Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We've Arrived!!!!

Okay so we've been here a few days now...Don't ask how long I have no concept of time. I'm still in a daze & extremely Jet lagged. My Days and nites are are all a blurr. We've already had the downstairs neighbor complain as to why we are moving around so much at 3 & 4 A.M. lol
Sorry Abu Ali...well settle down real soon!

The flight was pretty good. A lot of screaming babies but ViVi did GREAT for the most part. A little fussy here & there but who wouldn't be traveling like a total of 30 hours! We spent the nite in Amman at the airport hotel. Very nice hotel actually, pleasantly surprised. We were hostages lol as we had to get a Visa to leave the damn place.

OK so first impressions of Kuwait (the areas I've been to)
REALLY Clean! I've been told there are dirty areas but thus far I'm in a clean bubble. As I was in Michigan LOL Didn't know how ghetto Michigan really was until I went to the boogie that one Halloween & it was like aha! That's what I had originally thought Michigan People were like LMAO
Anyways, they pick up the garbage EVERYDAY! I saw the garbage man from my balcony picking up trash every day.
Kuwait so far is REALLY nice! I live in an area called  Salem Al Sabah which is primarily a Kuwaiti neighborhood. Paul picked this area as it's quieter, cleaner & more of a suburb. He lived in a place in Salwa originally where it was really loud & kinda congested even though the main city that people live in is Salmiya & from what I've heard WAYYYYY overcrowded, loud & obnoxious to deal with the traffic.

I compare Salem Al Sabah to Beverly Hills lol NO really...REALLY BIG houses & complexes. Beautiful iron gates & parking garages filled with really expensive cars. Oh ya were rolling big in our rented KIA! lol We're still in a rental as you need a Civil ID to buy a car that we still don't have :(
Each home is custom built. Really intresting designs. One house down the street looks very modern & chic, another is very Gaudy & Flamboyant & another looks like the white house lol
I'll post Pics ASAP!

Ok my house is huge...ok Flat or Villa as they call it. It's huge compared to my house in Michigan.
It's 4 bedrooms (like huge) 3 bathrooms, a huge sitting area, a closed off Kitchen, and a laundry/mudroom/maids quarter oh & my favorite part of the house...The balcony or Baranda as Shadia reminded me LOL
I promise to post pics as soon as I get settled in. I still have barely unpacked anything due to my Jet Lag & constant care for Victoria.

The house is really really nice. I like it a lot. All Tile (which reminds me I need rugs!) Very Clean, recessed lights, AWESOME custom built His & Hers closet (in Master bedroom) Vivi has a nice closet as well. My poor Refuge Baby traveling from state to State & country to country. Gonna make her the BEST room ever. It's been 4 months! She deserves it. The kitchen is kinda Jankidyyyy (ghetto) It's closed off from the house, like a separate room with a door. I love nice big fancy Kitchens that overlook the general living room area. But I guess that's not how it its in the middle east. The kitchen is not a room that is generally nice as it's not meant to show or be in. As it was explained to me the maids are in there doing the cooking & cleaning so why spend on it to make it nice if your not the one in it...makes sense right? Gotta get me a maid! LOL when in Rome do as the Romans & guess what I'ma do it Kuwaiti style!

God I have SOOOO much to do!!! Still gotta unpack, do shopping to make this place homey & cozy. I'm literally starting all over again in making a home for our family. All I gots is TIME here right? lol
I'm starting a list of things to do & get as I type right now.

Dude Kuwait is COLD! I'm freezing over here. No built in heat in Kuwait homes so we use portable heaters. I guess it's not normally this cold but it is what it is. I'm sure I'm gonna miss the cold in a few months considering it will be like 130 degrees in the summer. FML. But hey id rather have heat than cold!

Okay so I've been out to the malls like everyday to do random shopping for things. OMG so many malls! BEAUTIFUL AMAZING malls. Name any store from the U.S., Europe, Asia, South America & it's probably here! (no Macys though Pat LOL) & restaurants! CRAZY.  I'll write an entire blog about that topic lol

Okay I'm getting sick or writing for now & gotta start unpacking some things as Vivi is Sleeping. Until next time!

The real Housewife of Kuwait

P.S. BREAKING NEWS! Victoria got her first tooth in!!! YA I know... She wont be 4 months until February 11th but it's here! I'll write about the details later...Gotta make her a snooneya!


  1. Love it!!! Sounds like a fun adventure!! :) ~Sandy

  2. Thanks Sandy :)
    Will be in New York in August...for SURE we have to see you!